Stock Market News 10-3-15

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Markets: Friday’s topsy turvy big rally sent 3 out of 4 indexes into the positive territory for the week, as investors went bargain hunting, after the weak Sept. US Payrolls Report sent the market down in the morning.

Friday had the largest single-day price swings in four years for the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Investors snatched up beaten-down Basic Materials and Healthcare stocks, in particular.
Volatility: After rising as high as 28.33 on Monday’s big down day, the VIX ended down -12% this week, after Friday’s turnaround rally.

Currency: The US $ fell vs. most other major currencies, influenced by the weak payrolls report.
Market Breadth: 21 of the DOW 30 stocks rose this week, vs. 16 last week. 63% of the S&P 500 rose this week, vs. 33% last week.

US Economic News: The US added just 142,000 jobs in Sept., and the 2 previous months were revised downward by 59,000. The US Unemployment rate stayed at 5.1%.

The US has added an average of 198,000 jobs per month so far in 2015, down from the 2014 average of 260,000/month. Job gains occurred in HealthCare and Information, with Mining continuing to lose jobs.
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Week Ahead Highlights: It’ll be a quiet week for US economic data. Q3 Earnings season starts, with Alcoa, traditionally the first company to report its results, scheduled to announce its third quarter earnings after the market closes on Oct. 8. Investors are pinning hopes for further market rallies on a good Q3 earnings season. Corporate earnings are expected to fall by 4.1% overall, according to Thomson Reuters data. That figure is skewed, however, by an expected 65% fall in energy sector results.

Next Week’s US Economic Reports:
Sectors & Futures:
Basic Materials led this week, as Telecoms and Financials trailed.
Sugar led this week, with Cattle trailing:

Stock Market News – 9-26-15

Markets: It was another seesaw week for the markets, with indexes rocking back and forth from the latest news – biotechs got hit, after Hilary Clinton vowed to take on pharma price gouging, auto stocks were rocked by the enormous VW scandal, and on Friday, we had a rally, until 2pm, inspired by Fed Chief Yellen’s Thursday pm speech, in which she asserted that the Fed would raise rates in 2015. The RUSSELL Small Caps and the NASDAQ erased all of their gains for the month.
Volatility: The VIX rose 6% this week, finishing at $23.62.

Currency: The $, aided by Fed Chief Yellen’s speech, rose vs. major currencies this week.

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This Week’s Top 5 Performing Dividend Stocks

by Robert Hauver
With all of the recent market turmoil, we thought we’d take a look at which dividend stocks performed the best this past week. While these aren’t high dividend stocks, we screened for stocks with a dividend yield above 3%, and a moderate dividend payout ratio.

Not surprisingly, these top 5 dividend stocks are from 2 well-known defensive sectors – Utilities and Consumer Staples, which are also the 2 best performing sectors of the past month.

Performance: These stocks have all outperformed the market this week, and over the past trading month, vs. a -1.36% weekly decline and a -2.07% monthly decline for the S&P 500. One of the big reasons for their strong support by the market right now is that they all have low beta’s, which signifies a low correlation to market volatility.

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Stock Market News 9-19-15

Markets: Markets rallied early in the week, in spite of the impending Fed rate decision on Thursday. However, they sold off after the rate decision, with a big down day on Friday, leaving only the RUSSELL Small Caps and the NASDAQ up for the week.
Volatility: The VIX got as high as $24.25, before settling at $22.28, down 4% for the week. The VIX is still up 51% over the past month, but is 46% below its high of $40.74, which it reached on Monday, 8/24/15.
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Stock Market News 8-29-15

Markets: Worries about the crashing Chinese stock market and slowing Chinese growth sent world markets tumbling on Monday. (The Chinese market had been up 67% in 2015, and is now down for the year.) The DOW was down 1000 points at the open, amid rampant margin calls, which sent investors scrambling. Record amounts of cash were withdrawn from US Equity markets – $29.5B.

But then, the market reversed dramatically…
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A Safe Haven: Community Bank Dividend Stocks

by Robert Hauver
Looking for a place to hide from the recent market turmoil? With the market’s 800+ point swings over the past week, you’re surely not alone in looking for more stability. Interestingly, it has been hiding in plain sight for much of the past year, in the Community Bank industry.
These are micro cap stocks, usually with market caps below $300M, and with a small amount of branches, often fewer than 5-10. We’ve held various community bank dividend stocks over the years, and, over the past 52 weeks, one bank in particular has been a safe haven holding for us: Access National Corporation, (ANCX), a 5-branch bank in the DC area.
Profile: Access National Corporation is the parent of Access National Bank, a commercial bank serving middle market businesses and associated professionals throughout the Washington D.C. region. The Banks core services include commercial credit, deposit, investment, cash management, private banking and real estate finance. The Bank also has subsidiaries that provide wealth management, retirement planning, securities brokerage and equipment leasing.
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Stock Market News 8-22-15

Markets: Weak data from China, more more Oil declines, emerging market worries, (i.e. Brazil), and ongoing FED rate hike worries, all combined to send markets tumbling Friday, in the worst weekly rout of the year. The DOW lost 531 points Friday- its worst week since 2011, after a Friday am report from China showed Mfg. there had hit a 6-year low. The S&P 500 had its worst weekly decline since 2011.
Markets throughout the world also fell steeply this week.
Volatility: The VIX had its beggest 1-week rally ever, surging 118%, as investors plowed into S&P 500 options to hedge their positions. Options values soared, as the VIX hit a 4-yrar high, ending at 28.03.
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Stock Market News 8-15-15

Markets: After a topsy-turvy week, the market managed to eke out small gains. China’s 3% currency devaluation and slowdown fears sent markets reeling early in the week. Crude oil hit its lowest point in 6 years, and has many Energy mavens calling for a low.
Volatility: After rising as high as on Wednesday’s big seeswaw day, the VIX closed the week down 4%, at 12.89.

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