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2015 was a terrible year for most investors...but our subscribers were way ahead of the market.
In fact, in 2015 our Portfolio had an average annualized yield of  +7.21%,

while the DOW was down -2.23%

and the S&P 500 was down -.73% 


Here are our long term performance figures vs. the market:

(Average annual returns)

Our service is all about "Risk vs. Reward", and it's the key to successful investing.

In fact, it's the foundation that
The Double Dividend Stock Alert is built upon.

We use time-tested research from A&S Capital Mgt. to find stocks for you that have                                      
much more reward-to-risk potential than the S&P 500.
Then, we use options selling strategies to turbo-charge the already high yields on these stocks.


As a paid subscriber, you'll receive:

New! Advance Notice of selected Seeking Alpha Articles

Monthly issues of The Double Dividend Stock Alert, which features:

  • New stock picks, plus Covered Call and Cash Secured Put options for each pick
  • New picks profiles & Company earnings updates
  • The current month's ex-dividend dates
  • A year-to-date portfolio performance snapshot
  • Performance of expiring calls and puts
  • Our current outlook for the market, and observations/data on recent market performance.
  • Trading tips
  • A buying prices table

(Each issue runs approx. 15-28 pages, and is in pdf format)

In addition, subscribers receive an updated Company Profiles report each month, and have 24/7 access to our Premium Website Tables.

Our Premium Pages feature 3 tables, with current market stock and options prices,         for each of our portfolio stock picks, links to each stock's options chain, Google Finance page, and a Dividend Calendar.

  • Covered Calls Table

  • Cash Secured Puts Table

  • Dividend Calendar/Portfolio Monitor with current ex-dividend dates, pay dates,  $ amounts, current dividend yield for each stock, and performance.

  • Issues & Reports Archive - You'll have 24/7 access to all of our current and past issues and reports

The options listed in our Premium Pages tables often differ from those that are initially published in our monthly issues.
As the underlying stocks' prices change, the strike prices listed on these tables also shift, giving you the most appropriate current strike price for each pick.

Subscribers also receive a Premium, ad-free version of our weekend
Market Update Bulletin, which offers additional market insights, and bonus picks.

We'd also like to give you these 4 Free Reports when you subscribe:

  1. Options Trading Secrets - Find out how to be on the right side of options trades, and which are the best income-producing options strategies.

  2. Value Stock Selection - Tips on the important metrics to look at when you're valuing stocks - Is it overvalued, undervalued, or fairly valued? This report will help you get the answers.

  3. Drought Resistant Dividends - Which select stocks will capitalize on what many say will be "the scarcest resource of the 21st century".

  4. What You Should Know About Reverse Mortgages - How to avoid costly mistakes in this developing marketplace.

Many investing websites would want to sell you these extra reports for a lot of $, but we're not going to.

Why? Because we'd like to give you every advantage we can, as a "Thank You" for subscribing.
Because our job is to help you make $.

By now you're probably wondering how much our service is going to cost you.

First of all, our subscriptions are backed by our Risk-Free 30 day guarantee.

We have 2 subscription plans:

  • Our 12-month plan will cost you just $297.00. (less than $.82 a day)

  • Our Quarterly Plan is $117.00 for 3 months. This is a 4-quarter recurring plan which can be converted to a 12-month plan at any time.

When you compare our prices to the cost of other newsletter/website investing services, you'll find that our subscriptions are very competitively priced, especially since...

We are one of the very few investing services that maintains options-selling tables on a daily basis for our subscribers.

We give you daily pricing updates on these tables, when you need them the most, so you don't have to wait for the next issue to come out.

One final note - you may not realize this yet, but you could very easily get paid back several times the cost of our service, with the option income from just one of our options-selling trades.

We hope you'll join us, and get in on the "right side of the trade". Thanks for reading!


Robert Hauver, MBA
RH Group Inc.


Options selling may not be appropriate for all investors. Past results are not indicative of future returns. All profit examples are hypothetical, assuming that subscribers bought recommended stocks and sold recommended options at the time the recommendations were issued.

Actual results can and do vary, based on day of execution and commission charges. 

Disclaimer: DeMar Marketing does not offer personal investment advice. The information contained herein should not be construed as personalized investment advice and should not be considered as a solicitation to buy or sell any security.