2 Easy Ways To Triple Your Yields On Dow Dividend Stocks

By Robert Hauver

Do you think that Dow dividend stocks are the best stocks to buy now for dividends and safety? You’re not alone – the Dow has beaten these other major indexes year to date, and also in November, as of 11/10/11:


Although it trails the NASDAQ and the RUSSELL 2000 small caps, the Dow is also nearly even with the S&P 500 since the start of the March 2009 rally.

We found 2 Dow dividend stocks with good metrics and low beta’s, which are therefore less volatile than the market, but which also offer attractive dividends. Coca Cola Co. is also one of the Dividend Aristocrats, a group of dependable dividend paying stocks that have increased their dividends every year for the past 25 years:


You could also more than double your dividends on these stocks, via selling Covered Calls and Cash Secured Puts. (The call and put option trades listed below for CVX expire in June, and those for KO expire in May.)

Covered Calls: One of the big pluses of selling covered call options is that the call option premiums you sell are often more than 2 to 3 times the amount of the dividends during the term of the trade. (See the highlighted areas in the tables below.)

Two other bonuses: You’ll get paid your option premiums within 3 days of the trade, if not the same day, and, you’ll lower your risk by virtue of having a lower break-even price.

(You’ll find more details on this and over 30 other high yield covered call trades in our Covered Calls Table.)


Cash Secured Puts: If you want to be even more conservative, and achieve an even lower break-even price, selling cash secured put options below the stock’s current price is an options strategy via which you get “paid now to wait”. Unlike covered call sellers however, put sellers don’t collect dividends.

The put options below pay approx. 4 to 4.5 times more than the dividends during this 6-7 month period.

(There are more details on this and over 30 other high yield options trades in our Cash Secured Puts Table.)


Financials: For the most part, CVX and KO have better metrics than the DOW 30 averages, and both firms also have better metrics than their industry peers.:


Valuations/Earnings: Although these monolithic firms certainly wouldn’t be considered growth stocks, they both had strong growth in their most recent fiscal years, and quarter over quarter. Analysts are currently predicting that CVX won’t be able to increase their earnings in their next fiscal year, but they may be wrong, given the volatility of oil prices that have arisen from the socio-political dramas of the Arab Spring, and many other oil-producing parts of the world. Coke has also managed to grow its earnings better than its beverage industry peers.


Disclosure: Author is long shares of CVX.

Disclaimer: This article is written for informational purposes only and isn’t intended as investment advice.

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