2017 Healthcare Update: 2 Healthcare Dividend Stocks With Low Debt

by Robert Hauver
Looking at Sector performance for 2017, it appears that Healthcare has regained some of its luster – it’s the 2nd leading sector, behind Tech, and is up nearly 8% in 2017:

Even though there’s a lot of uncertainty in the US revolving around the future of the Affordable Care Act, the bottom line is that America, like most industrialized nations, is aging rapidly. You’ve probably heard that attention-grabbing statistic – “10,000 Americans are turning 65 every day”. That certainly means that we’ll be needing more, not less, healthcare in coming years, regardless of what happens in DC.
With this in mind, we searched for some healthcare dividend stocks with steady payouts, good dividend coverage, an attractive dividend yield, and, to keep the rate hike fears at bay, low debt.
We came up with 2 companies, both of which are micro cap stocks, in the $50M – $300M range, in the Medical Equipment sub-industry: Click here to read more…