How To Grab A Fast Double-Digit Yield From This Dow Dividend Stock

by Robert Hauver
Dow dividend stock IBM, (IBM), is going ex-dividend next week, on 5/8/13:
IBM dipped below $200.00 again today, 5/1/13, which sets up a high yield, short-term covered call trade:

There are 3 potential income scenarios to this 2-week trade, all of which pay you at least a $2.08/share call option premium:
1. Static – IBM’s share price isn’t above $200.00 at or near expiration, and your IBM shares don’t get assigned/sold. You receive the $2.08 call premium and the $.95 dividend.
2. Assigned before the ex-dividend date- IBM’s share price is above $200.00 before 5/8/13, and your IBM shares get assigned/sold. You receive the $2.08 call option premium, and the price gain of $.37, but not the $.95/share dividend.
3. Assigned after the ex-dividend date- IBM is above $200.00 after 5/8/13, and your IBM shares get assigned/sold on or near the 5/17/13 expiration date. You’d receive the $2.08 call option premium, the $.95/share dividend, and the price gain of $.37:
You can see more details for this and over 35 other high yield options trades in our free Covered Calls Table.

Cash Secured Puts: We also list a short term put-selling trade for IBM which offers a 13.5% annualized yield, in our free Cash Secured Puts Table.

Earnings: IBM got beaten up after its most recent quarterly earnings report disappointed – revenue fell 5%, and diluted normalized EPS fell 7.2%. However, the 15% earnings estimates for 2013 are still strong enough to give it an undervalued 2013 PEG ratio:
Financials: Although it has more debt, IBM’s Mgt. Efficiency ratios are very superior to its peer industry’s averages. This cash cow also has an Interest Coverage ratio of over 35., and also has a 5-year Dividend Growth Rate of over 17%.
Other Valuations: Like many Dow dividend stocks, IBM commands a premium Price/Book value vs.its peers:
Disclaimer: This article was written for informational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice.
Disclosure: The author was short IBM put options at the time of this writing.