Schlumberger Just Sent A Buy Signal

By Robert Hauver

Buy Signal– Schlumberger dipped below the oversold 20 line on its Stochastic chart, but just crossed back above the line this week, which is seen by chartists as a buy signal:


Schlumberger, (SLB), is the world’s largest oilfield services provider, whose $83 billion market cap dwarfs those of its competitors, such as Halliburton and Baker Hughes.  Like most Basic Materials/Energy-related stocks, SLB has been getting hammered this year, due to a number of factors – slowing Chinese and US growth, Eurozone problems, and declining oil prices.  However, the oil price decline is a 2-edged sword, because some of that decline is due to the new shale oil discoveries that are being exploited via fracking in the US, which is Schlumberger’s biggest and most lucrative market:

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Disclaimer: This article is written for informational purposes only and isn’t intended as investment advice.

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