A Safe Haven: Community Bank Dividend Stocks

by Robert Hauver
Looking for a place to hide from the recent market turmoil? With the market’s 800+ point swings over the past week, you’re surely not alone in looking for more stability. Interestingly, it has been hiding in plain sight for much of the past year, in the Community Bank industry.
These are micro cap stocks, usually with market caps below $300M, and with a small amount of branches, often fewer than 5-10. We’ve held various community bank dividend stocks over the years, and, over the past 52 weeks, one bank in particular has been a safe haven holding for us: Access National Corporation, (ANCX), a 5-branch bank in the DC area.
Profile: Access National Corporation is the parent of Access National Bank, a commercial bank serving middle market businesses and associated professionals throughout the Washington D.C. region. The Banks core services include commercial credit, deposit, investment, cash management, private banking and real estate finance. The Bank also has subsidiaries that provide wealth management, retirement planning, securities brokerage and equipment leasing.
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