The 7 Best Dividend Stocks In 2015

by Robert Hauver
Are you wondering which dividend stocks outperformed in the first quarter of 2015? The past 6 months have been a roller coaster for many dividend stocks – thanks to the Crude Oil Crash, quite a few Energy-related stocks either trimmed or eliminated their dividends altogether.

The 7 top performers for Q1 2015 are a diverse group, ranging from publishing to business services, to apparel, to home furnishings, to Refining and Energy Services.
Interestingly, 2 of the top 3 performers in this group have a modest dividend yield of less than 2%, and a total of 4 out of 7 have low dividends:

PERFORMANCE: Other than Courier Corp., which is being bought out, the main catalyst for the outperformance of these stocks has been good earnings. (More about ALDW’s possible buyout below).

Dividends: We’ve been tracking the 2 highest yielding stocks within this group in the Energy section of our High Dividend Stocks By Sectors Tables– CSI Compressco, (CCLP), and Alon Partners LP, (ALDW).
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Cummins – An Oversold And Undervalued Dividend Stock

By Robert Hauver

The market has fallen out of love with stalwart Industrial dividend stock Cummins, (CMI), sending its shares down over 16% in May.  Lowered guidance from fellow equipment maker Joy Global, (JOY), has also helped to depress CMI’s shares this week. JOY cut its guidance approx. 3.4 to 4.5%, down to a $7.15 to $7.45 range, and trimmed its revenue guidance by approx. 1.8%, based on weaker mining equipment demand from US coal miners.

Here’s the anomaly and the opportunity: JOY’s coal mining equipment business is slowing in the US because of the ongoing natural gas boom, which is causing utility and other power users to switch from more expensive, dirtier coal, to cheaper, cleaner natural gas.  BUT, as the biggest natural gas and hybrid bus engine manufacturer in the US market, Cummins will gain from this shift from coal to natural gas, as more fleet owners switch to these natural gas  and hybrid engines.

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Disclaimer: This article is written for informational purposes only and isn’t intended as investment advice.

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“ENP – Another High DIvidend Energy LP” – Oct. 10, 2009

By Robert Hauver

Encore Energy’s 12%-plus dividend yield puts it near the top of the heap for solid, high dividend stocks in our free Energy Sector Dividend Tables .

Formed in 2007, and primarily based in the West and Midwest, ENP’s assets consist mainly of producing and non-producing oil and natural gas properties in the Big Horn Basin in Wyoming and Montana, the Williston Basin in North Dakota and Montana, the Permian Basin in West Texas, and the Arkoma Basin in Arkansas.

ENP also ranks very high vs. its Oil/Gas Drilling/Exploration peers for many other metrics:

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Drilling For Dividends With EV Energy – Oct. 3,2009

By Robert Hauver

If you’re searching for strong dividend paying stocks, make sure that you take a look at our new High Dividend Stocks by Sector tables, where you’ll find some of the best dividend stocks in each industry sector.

EV Energy, (EVEP), which currently tops our Energy Sector table, is one of the best stocks on this list, in terms of their industry comparisons. Not only do they have the highest dividend in the Oil & Gas Drilling/Exploration group, they outshine their peers by many other important metrics:

EVEP Oil&Gas Drilling-Exploration Industry
Dividend Yield 13.01% 2.24%
P/E 1.33 13.45
P/B 0.77 2.85
Current Ratio 8.43 1.3
P/Cash Flow/Share 1.26 8.23
Operating Margin 20% 10.08%
ROE 81.64% 12.58%
ROI 63.00% 6.86%
ROA 45.64% 4.97%

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The Top 5 Dividend Stocks for 2009 – Part 3 – Buying Stocks At A Discount – May 20, 2009

By Robert Hauver

In parts 1 & 2 of this series, we identified 2009’s top 5 dividend paying stocks, based on total cash payouts to investors. We also discussed a strategy that will protect your dividend yield against a market pullback.

In this article, we’ll discuss an option trading strategy through which you can buy a stock at a discount to its current price, or, at least earn a nice yield by trying to.

If you have your eye on some high dividend stocks, or you’ve put together a best stocks watch list, but the current prices are too high, you can often utilize selling put options to make sure you still profit from these stocks.

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Market Timing Tips For Value & Dividend Investors

By Robert Hauver

You don’t normally hear the phrase “market timing”associated with value and dividend investing, since these type of investors usually employ a “buy and hold” strategy. However, when we dig a little deeper, we see that timing often plays a critical role in determining the success of a given stock investment, whether it’s in high dividend stocks, or undervalued stocks.

Since we don’t know the future, we have to make our best estimates as to when it will be the right time to buy a stock on our best stocks watch list. Keep in mind, these are not a replacement for fundamental stock analysis, they’re just a frame of reference for relative timing of a stock purchase or sale, after you’ve fully analyzed the stock.


  1. What? What is the market trend and sentiment?   If there has been a big run-up in market prices, now may not be the time to jump in. Alternatively, one of the toughest things for investors to do is go against the crowd when markets are trending heavily downward.

However, looking back at the October and November 2008, and March 2009 lows, this was an excellent time for buying severely undervalued stocks, due to all of the panic selling that was occurring then.

2. Where? Where is the stock now, in relation to its 52-week price range? Find out what range the stock has traded in over the last year, and even the past 3 years, if possible.  Is it near its lows, or making new ones? Conversely, is it making new highs?

3. Why? Why is this stock so cheap?  Is it really one of the best stocks to buy, or is there a good reason it’s so cheap?  Why is there such a high dividend yield?  If the stock has the highest dividend in its peer group, does it have the cash flow to support it?

Even though we dividend investors are always looking for those undervalued, best dividend stocks, you need to ask some important questions: Are there any big changes that will negatively affect the company’s ability to earn and compete over the long haul?

Conversely, why is the stock so expensive? Is there a positive new development in its business that has caused investors to push its price up, possibly to the point of being overvalued?

4. Who? Who is downgrading or upgrading the company? Do you agree? Even more important, who else is buying or selling this stock – are any major investors, such as Warren Buffett, and/or successful institutional investors buying or selling it?  This type of news is usually listed on the Yahoo online finance pages, among others, and can have a big impact on a stock’s price.

5. When? When are earnings announcements due, and when is the next ex-dividend date?  Stock prices can often run up prior to these two events, and then decrease thereafter, particularly near ex-dividend dates, since market makers try to discourage short term traders from playing the dividend recapture game, wherein the trader buys the stock shortly before theex-date and immediately dumps it thereafter.

Asking the above questions should help you in your hunt for the best dividend paying stocks, and will hopefully also help you to avoid buying or selling at the wrong time.

Author- Robert Hauver copyright 2009 DeMar Marketing, All Rights Reserved