Stock Market News: 03-07-20

Market Indexes:
Volatility continued this week in the market, although the Fed’s rate cut inspired a 1-day rally mid-week, which resulted in 3 of the 4 indexes gaining ground for the week. Only the Russell small caps posted a loss.  Adding to the virus-inspired pressures, crude oil fell 10% on Friday, after an OPEC proposal to cut output collapsed.
“The Federal Reserve, in a rare inter-meeting move, on Tuesday cut its benchmark interest rate to counter the threat to the economy from the coronavirus epidemic. The Fed said it cut its fed funds target rate by a half percentage point to a range of 1%-1.25%.
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Stock Market News: 2-15-20

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Market Indexes: The market is reacting first and foremost to news about the corona virus, even more than to earnings releases and economic reports. This week was an up week, as fears about the virus’s spread appeared to wane, along with perceived economic fallout.
“China’s National Health Commission on Wednesday said 2015 new cases of the disease caused by the new viral infection had been reported over the last 24 hours, declining for a second day. That brought the number of cases in mainland China to 44,653, although experts have warned that a substantial number may have gone uncounted. The commission said there were 97 additional deaths from the virus in the last 24 hours, bringing the mainland total to 1,113.” (MarketWatch)
“Investors are edging back into emerging markets, even though worries about the coronavirus’ impact on global economic growth have clouded prospects for the boom-and-bust asset class. Nearly $730 million flowed back into emerging markets exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the past week, according to Lipper, after two straight weeks of outflows that accompanied sharp declines in the stocks and currencies of developing countries.  As of Friday, the coronavirus has infected 63,581 people and killed 1,380. Still, investors have grown more hopeful that economic damage will be limited.” (Reuters)

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Stock Market News: 8-3-19

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Market Indexes: It was a rough week for the markets, with the Fed making its predicted .25% rate cut, but indicating this isn’t necessarily the start of a new trend. More tariff rhetoric from DC drew an immediate response from China, which rattled investors. The Payrolls report didn’t disappoint, but wasn’t enough to reverse the market’s decline. Click here to read more…

Stock Market News: 7-20-19

Market Indexes: All 4 market indexes fell this week, with the Russell small caps lagging. Trade worries and heightened tensions in Iran weighed on the market.
“A narrow waterway in the Middle East that marks the most sensitive transportation choke point for global oil supplies remained in focus Friday after Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard said it seized a British-flagged tanker in the Strait of Hormuz, Click here to read more…

Stock Market News: 4-13-19

Markets: It was a mixed week for the market, with the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 posting good gains. The DOW and RUSSELL trailed. The market was buoyed on Friday by positive earnings report from JPMorgan and PNC; and the unveiling of its pricing for its new streaming service from Disney. Oil also gained this week.
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