3 High Dividend Stocks Going Ex-Dividend Next Week – November 2016

by Robert Hauver
Looking for some extra income for your portfolio? As it happens, 3 of our favorite high dividend stocks in the LNG and Crude Oil shipping industries should be going ex-dividend next week, the week of 10/31/16 through 11/4/16.

We recently added a Services table to our High Dividend Stocks By Sectors Tables, which is where these 3 dividend stocks reside.
GasLog LNG Partners LP: GLOP currently owns a fleet of 8 LNG vessels, which it leases out on fee-based, long term contracts. GLOP was founded and went public in 2014, and is based in Monaco.

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5 High Dividend Shipping Stocks Going Ex-Dividend Soon

by Robert Hauver
Looking for more income from your portfolio? Income investors have been hopping aboard shipping dividend stocks in 2016, enticed by their high dividend yields.
This sub-industry has certain companies which are becoming more well-known for their stable business models, which are based upon long term contracts, with solid counter parties. After all, who doesn’t want to have a glimpse into the future? These stocks will typically have around a 5-year or longer remaining length of time on their contracts, not including options to extend.

They’ve all IPO’d within the past approx. 5 years, and their cash flow and earnings growth is based upon a “dropdown” model, in which their parent companies, usually known as sponsors and/or general partners will sell them assets, which already have signed contracts on them.

2 of these stocks…
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High Dividend Stocks Going Ex-Dividend In November

by Robert Hauver

We searched through our High Dividend Stocks By Sector Tables to find some stocks going ex-dividend this coming week. Not surprisingly, we found some of the most attractive dividend yields in the Energy sector. However, before you run away in fright from this beaten-down group, let us reassure you that these aren’t just your run-of-the-mill, hated drillers or exploration companies. In fact, they all provide services to the Energy sector, via long-term, fee-based contracts.

4 out of these 6 stocks, (GMLP, NAP, DLNG, and GLOP) provide contract shipping to the natural gas industry, and the other 2,(GPP and ETP), provide pipeline, storage, and logistics services to the oil and gas industry.:

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