2 Outperforming Financial Dividend Stocks Near Book Value

by Robert Hauver
Have you looked at the Financials sector lately? This sector was beaten down for most of 2016, but has outperformed all others by a wide margin over the past month, rising by 12.46%.  Even with that strong comeback, the Financial sector is still down -10.59% in 2016:

We went looking for dividend stocks in the financial sector which have also outperformed, but still represent a good value. We found 2 reinsurance firms which fit the bill – they’re both in the Property & Casualty Insurance sub-industry:
Performance:  MHLD rocketed up after the election – rising over 17% in the past month, but is still only up 5.63% in 2016, while DGICA has had a steadier ride, and is up over 20% in 2016.

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