5 Utility Dividend Stocks With Upside Potential

by Robert Hauver

With the S&P 500 finally in positive territory year-to-date, we took a look at what’s been working in 2016. Topping the list is the Utility sector, which has been the go-to sector for income investors, and even non-income investors in this volatile market.

Healthcare, formerly the leading sector for quite a while, has fallen out of favor, thanks to political headline risk due to prescription overpricing by some firms. meanwhile, the Utility sector is up over 12% in 2016, leading all others by a wide margin. Even the resurgent Energy sector, which is up 12% over the past month, trails Utilities by a wide margin:
With all of the strong price performance in the Utility sector, we wondered if there were any dividend stocks left that weren’t already above their consensus analyst price targets. We came up with these 5 stocks…
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