2 Specialty Foods Stocks For Income Investors

by Robert Hauver
Have you noticed how radically the offerings at your local markets have changed? Consumers are demanding more variety, and more healthful choices. Specialty foods, previously seen as exotic, such as artisanal cheeses, meats, smoked seafood, formerly hard-to-find exotic cooking ingredients or sauces, an increasingly wider array of beverages, and organic foods of all types now fill the grocery aisles.

The growth of the organic food industry has been accelerating over the past decade, and now represents over 4% of $760 billion annual food sales in the U.S.  Many specialty and organic items come from small, privately held firms, but there are ways than investors can access the specialty foods industry.

We examined the specialty food industry, with an eye to solid, publicly traded companies that income investors could benefit from, and we came up with these 2 dividend stocks:
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