A Tech Dividend Stock With Undervalued Growth

by Robert Hauver

Looking for Tech dividend stocks with growth in 2013? Many investors have taken note of the fact that the Tech sector grew its dividends fastest of any sector in 2012. Couple this with the potential for earnings growth in this sector, and it makes for a compelling dividend hunt.

We found a Tech stock which not only pays a regular dividend, but also recently paid a special dividend, and has a low PEG ratio for its upcoming fiscal year.

Founded in 1982, Maryland-based Tessco, (TESS), services organizations responsible for building, using and maintaining wireless broadband systems. It offers many different product lines, including base station infrastructure, installation test/maintenance, network systems, and mobile devices/accessories.

TESS is a micro-cap stock, with a $195 million market cap, and is listed in the Tech section of our High Dividend Stocks By Sector Tables, after the firm’s special dividend doubled its dividend yield.

Earnings: Tessco’s fiscal year typically ends at the end of March, so, even though the chart below shows much better growth in 2014 than 2013, Tessco’s 2014 fiscal year will begin soon, in April 2013:

TESS also had good growth in its most recent quarter, and a low .75 5-year PEG ratio. Using the 15% 5-year growth figure and a risk-adjusted discount rate of 10.89%, gives a $39.27 estimated value for TESS, which closed this week at $24.24:

Dividends: TESS did the right thing by its shareholders, by declaring a special dividend of $.75, when nobody knew what US dividend tax policy would be in 2013. With its low debt load, the company had the cash to do this. TESS has paid dividends since 2009, and has nearly tripled its quarterly payouts since then, going from $.0667, to the current $.18/quarter.

Unfortunately, TESS isn’t listed in our Covered Calls Table, or our Cash Secured Puts Table, as there are no options available for it at present.

Financials: Although TESS works on slimmer margins, this should be improving soon, as it is transitioning from a low margin business with a major Tier 1 carrier, to more profitable business elsewhere. Its management efficiency ratios and debt load look favorable vs. its industry’s averages:

Performance/Technical Data: TESS had quite a run in 2012, and is also up 8.7% for the first 3 trading days of 2013. This stock should be a good one to add to your watch list, and buy on the dips that will most likely happen when our pals in DC start doing the debt ceiling tango in a few weeks.

Disclosure: The author was  long TESS shares at the time of this writing.

Disclaimer: This article was written for informational purposes only and isn’t intended as investment advice.