These 2 Undervalued, Oversold High Dividend Stocks Yield 10-12% & Go Ex-Dividend Soon

by Robert Hauver
Looking for bargains in the high dividend stocks department? This article covers 2 relatively new dividend paying stocks, both of which have been hammered along with the rest of the Energy/Basic Materials complex over the past month. In October alone, the Energy sector is down over -13%, while the Basic Materials sector is down over -10%. A rising US $, plus fears of a global recession, and a glut of oil have put pressure on these groups.
However, we have 2 stocks which we feel represent attractive long term values for income investors, due to certain advantages that their operations enjoy:

Company Profiles:
New Source Energy Partners L.P.: NSLP is engaged in the acquisition and development of oil and natural gas properties in the United States, and is rapidly growing its Oilfield Services division. Asof 12/13/13, NSLP had 124,759 gross acres in the Golden Lane field in east-central Oklahoma; and 161 gross proved undeveloped drilling locations. Its estimated proved reserves on its properties consisted of 20.6 MMBoe. NSLP is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

OCI Resources LP: OCIR is engaged in the trona ore mining and soda ash production businesses in the US and internationally. As a natural soda ash producer, OCI Resources has a big cost advantage over synthetic producers. It has approx. 23,500 acres of subsurface leased/licensed mining areas in the Green River Basin of Wyoming. OCIR also processes trona ore into soda ash, which is a raw material in flat glass, container glass, detergents, chemicals, paper, and other consumer and industrial products. OCI Resources LP is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dividends: Our High Dividend Stocks By Sectors Tables, lists both of these dividend stocks, (in the Energy and Basic Materials sections).
Both stocks have whopper dividend yields, thanks to the fall pullback – OCIR’s dividend yield is nearly 10%, and NSLP’s is over 12%.
They should both be going ex-dividend soon, sometime around 1/30/15:
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Disclaimer: This article was written for informational purposes only. Author not responsible for any errors or omissions.