VF Corp, A Dividend Stock WIth A 20% Option Yield

By Robert Hauver

VF Corp., (VFC), has been one of the best stocks to buy this year for price gains, having outperformed the market thus far in 2012, and is only 9.06% off of its 52-week highs.VFC is among the top 20 Consumer Goods dividend stocks for 2012 performance.

VFC is a $9 billion apparel and footwear powerhouse, with a very diverse, international portfolio of brands and products, including such well known brands as Lee, Nautica, Wrangler, North Face, and Timberland.


With its 2.06% dividend yield, VFC isn’t really part of the high dividend stocks universe, but you can vastly improve upon its dividends by selling covered calls or cash secured puts.

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