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A Proven Money-Making System that combines Income Investing with the Power of Options.

Let us help you Double Your Yields and Lower Your Risk





The Double Dividend Stock Alert Subscription Plans -

All subscription plans include 24/7 access to the PREMIUM SERVICES and 4 Free Reports listed below:

Customer Savings Program: You can convert your quarterly subscription to a 12-month subscription at any time to a yearly subscription and pay the lower yearly rate.

Customer Loyalty Rebate: Customers who renew their subscriptions after subscribing for 12 months, will receive a 25% Rebate off of the price of their renewed subscription.

Credit Card
Note: All subscriptions are backed by our Risk-Free 30 day guarantee.
12 Month Subscription Plan :
(Your credit card will be billed by RH GROUP INC.)
$ 297 / 12   Monthly Issues
Quarterly Subscription Plan:
(Recurring Biling:Your credit card will be billed $117.00 by RH GROUP INC. at end of the 1st 3-month period + next 2 3-month periods after your signup date)
$ 117 / 3   Monthly Issues

All subscription plans include 24/7 access to these PREMIUM SERVICES on our website:
  • Live Covered Call Table - Our best high yield "Double Dividend" trades, with specific up-to-the-minute stock & option prices and dividend yield data via live feeds from the exchanges.

  • Live Covered Put Table - Our best high yield covered put trades, featuring specific up-to-the-minute prices and put yield info via live data feeds from the exchanges.

  • Live Portfolio Monitor - Up-to-the-minute tracking of every stock recommended in The Double Dividend Stock Alert, with buying prices, call prices, and current dividend yields and payouts.

  • Live Dividend Calendar - Up-to-the-minute ex-dividend, payout dates, and payouts for every stock in The Double Dividend Stock Alert.

All of these subscription plans ALSO include the following 4 Bonus Reports:

Options Trading Secrets
Value Stock Trading Tips
Drought Resistant Dividends
What You Should Know About Reverse Mortgages:


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