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If you're looking for alternative income sources during the 2020 crisis, you've come to  the right place:

We started this website in March 2009, at the market bottom, after a brutal

        6 months when many companies were cutting their dividends, as the Great Recession  gathered steam.

We found a way to replace those missing dividends - by selling options on dividend  stocks. Even if a company had cut its dividends in half, we could easily double those  dividends with these strategies.

Better yet, those options we sold could never be cut by any companies' management.


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Here we are in 2020, in the midst of another, potentially bigger economic crisis, and  that same scenario is starting to unfold again - companies are cutting their dividends  to conserve cash, or pay down debt.

         Now, more than ever, income investors need other ways to create income.  


No one knows how deep or long the coming recession will be, but it's already looking  like it will affect the overwhelming majority of industries, which, in turn, will affect most dividend stocks.



Here's how we've fared through the years.

As you can see, not every year has been a home run, but we have managed to consistently outperform the market.

2020 was an outlier though, with a sub-par return of 3.26%.


2020 - Our return for January - July 2020 was 2.62%, outperforming both the DOW and the S&P 500.

Our subscribers gained more portfolio protection through selling options, which helped them to outperform the market in the downturn. 

We also had several picks which have taken advantage of the March lows:












2009 - 2014:


Here's what our customers are saying:






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- A Portfolio Monitor/Dividend Calendar, which lists the ex-dividend and pay dates for each covered call stock in our portfolio, their initial recommendation date, and current returns.

We give subscribers advance notice about any of our upcoming Seeking Alpha articles which focus on any of the stocks in the portfolio.
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Value Stock Trading Tips - Timeless tips for profitable investing.


How To Profit From Water - The Oil Of The 21st Century is a must for any income portfolio.


Reverse Mortgages - Handy tips and reference info for this growing income source.


Options Trading Tips - The inside facts on how to successfully trade options.

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All the best,

Robert Hauver